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The company BURO became a universal manufacturer of mechanical parts and components since its establishment in 1969. Its specific activities are turning, shaping and stoning completed by milling and induction hardening. Specialized partners are expanding the scope of production with broaching, eroding, bending, soldering and welding as well as with cutting by means of burning, laser beams and water beams. A close cooperation with hardening, galvanic and surface finishing establishments enables BURO to deliver ready-to-assemble parts or mounted construction groups.

BURO is a provider for various industries like medical technology, managing & regulating, testing & measuring, technologies for devices & appliances, machinery construction, automotive technology or constructions industry for furniture & shop-building.

Diverse production places with adequate manufacturing equipments enable BURO to realize always the most cost effective production of goods from low-cost-parts to high-end-components. BURO supports you during the whole life cycle of construction parts, beginning with a suitable construction, including the generation of prototypes, pilot runs, serial manufacturing and ending with providing spare parts. Take advantage of the competence and experience of the BURO-team.